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Breams - Gilt-head Bream

7860 - Gilt-head Bream - Sparus Aurata - 35cm

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Gumusluk/Bodrum/Turkey - Mediterranean Sea

Gilt-head bream and school of Sarma Salpa in the background

Photographer: Levend Gokce

Parrotfish - European Parrotfish

2601 - European Parrotfish/Male - Sparisoma cretense - 50cm

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Bodrum / Turkey/Bodrum/Turkey - Mediterranean Sea

I took this photo, when we were diving. I saw that fish first time. And could not recognize it.

Photographer: cozan1996

Squirrelfish - Redcoat

3907 - Redcoat - Sargocentron rubrum - 32cm

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Kemer Bay/Kemer/Turkey - Mediterranean Sea

This species, originating from, West Pacific, Indian Ocean and Red Sea is now found in East Mediterranean Sea, comming from the Red Sea by Suez Canal.

Photographer: Philippe

Wrasse - Peacock Wrasse

3226 - Peacock Wrasse - Symphodus tinca - 44cm

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Fethyie/Turkey - Mediterranean

Sorry - not sure of the identity of this fish. Found in shallow sea (less than 1m) while snorkelling. Happy to amend entry if someone can identify. Tentative ID!

Photographer: Martin Davies

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