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Butterflyfish - Threebanded Butterfly

7383 - Threebanded Butterfly/Juvenile - Chaetodon humeralis - 26cm

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Punta Leona/Jaco/Costa Rica - Pacific Ocean

Photographer: jeff duprau

Butterflyfish - Tinkers Butterflyfish

383 - Tinkers Butterflyfish - Chaetodon tinkeri - 15cm

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Kona/Hawaii - Pacific Ocean

Photographer: Dan Bracuk

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Butterflyfish - Triangle butterflyfish

3526 - Triangle butterflyfish - Chaetodon triangulum - 15cm

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Kuda Giri (Wreck)/South Male Atoll/Maldives - Indian Ocean

Photographer: Dave Cullen

Butterflyfish - Triangle butterflyfish

3796 - Triangle butterflyfish - Chaetodon triangulum - 15cm

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Ao Nang/Krabi/Thailand - Andaman Sea

Photographer: Graham Fever

Butterflyfish - Two-eyed coralfish

4057 - Two-eyed coralfish - Coradion malanopus - 15cm

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Mainit point/Mabini (Anilao)/Philippines - South China Sea

It has ocellated spots on the rear dorsal and anal fins. The latter is hard to see here because the band is so dark. C. chrysozonus is similar but lacks the spot on the anal fin.

Photographer: Bart Hazes

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