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House Reef

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Angelfish - Gray Angelfish

2113 - Gray Angelfish - Pomacanthus arcuatus - 50cm

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Sunset House Reef/George Town/Grand Cayman - Caribbean Sea

This fish was very gregarious. Actually approaching and kissing the camera.

Photographer: Kelly Remy

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Batfish - Short-nosed Batfish

904 - Short-nosed Batfish - Ogcocephalus nasutus - 25cm

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Anchorage Hotel House Reef/Dominica - Caribbean Sea

Found in the sand in front of the Anchorage Hotel in Dominica. These odd fish are uncommon. They bury themselves in the sand and wate for they prey to swim past.

Photographer: BobE

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Blennies - Saddled Blenny

2123 - Saddled Blenny - Malacoctenus triangulatus - 6cm

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Sunset House Reef/George Town/Grand Cayman - Caribbean Sea

Photographer: Kelly Remy

Butterflyfish - Masked Butterflyfish

5686 - Masked Butterflyfish - Chaetodon semilarvatus - 25cm

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House Reef/Marsa Shagra/Egypt - Red Sea

Butterflyfish doing what they do - swim in pairs

Photographer: Patrick

Cardinalfish - Cheek-spots Cardinalfish

8727 - Cheek-spots Cardinalfish - Apogon chrysopomus - 10cm

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Exotic Divers House Reef/Malapascua Island/Philippines - Visayan Sea

Photographer: Dave Cullen

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